Returning in 2015 is the Air Jordan 5 “Raging Bull” and is expected to release solo. The Air Jordan 5 “Raging Bull” was last released as part of the “Raging Bull” Pack in May 2009.


This Air Jordan 5 features a Red suede base with clear mesh on the side panels, Black detailing throughout, a 3M reflective tongue, the Retro 5 lacelock sitting atop an icy outsole.

The “Raging Bull” Retro 5 is arguably one of the better Air Jordan 5 releases of all-time and is now looking to return in 2015 – which is expected to release in GS-sizes as well. As of right now nothing has been confirmed, but according to sources a lot of sneakerheads’ wishes look to be coming true this coming new year.

Let us know what you guys think in the comment section. Could this be the biggest release of 2015 that we know of right now? Stay tuned to Sneaker Bar for more updates on all the upcoming Air Jordan Release Dates.

Air Jordan 5 Raging Bull




Source: baltsneakershow

  • lucas


  • Q Z

    Nice. Can finally add these to my collection, had to pass on them many years ago

  • nika

    Yesss Lawd….

  • speedy

    I just hope they dont fuck us over with putting these in a pack

  • Smoke The Dope

    Fuck it!!! Just take ALL my money

  • exel leon

    Shit got serious now

  • Tae’von Hb

    Lets Go.!!!! But.. Are they going to be clear or blue soles.

    • imnotasneakerhead

      Lol you know they gone be blue. But i can definitely deal with these. Its been forever…

  • OnlyInNY

    Yes! I’m a person who’s been hating all these new colorways and releases but bringing back a couple OG favorites is great news.

  • RTR

    Nike has a ski mask and a gun. Going around and snatching $200 out of my pocket every weekend.

  • joee

    Omg im going to cry right now. This is beutiful

  • ShoeEtiquette

    These are doper than dope but with all the pointless red shoes releasing nowadays its taking a little of the excitement away from this release, I’m still going after them believe that just a must have 5 in my book.

  • ₩₳▼€

    its official 2015 greatest year in sneakers since 1985

  • bruh

    Is they serious!!!?? Ima need to get my money up next year

  • Mct88

    To end all hype, reseller and theft jordan brand should have a preorder service, nike id, or a reserve process but they wont do you know why? Because they dont care thats why jb will never get a penny from me if i wanna cop a pair of jordans they will be from a rep site js people

    • bruh

      Yea have fun with that..

      • Mct88

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          • bruh

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          • Mct88

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          • ChiRaqGoofies

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    • Patriot

      If you don’t care and don’t wanna support JB, then why are you here? You fake jordan rockin’ cheapskate?

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  • Guest

    I’m bout to put $200 on the side now just for these. Been waiting for a minute for these to come out.

  • Xavier

    My penis is hard

  • Mike

    I just sold mine from 09 for 535$ Fuck that blue sole. Release the Tokyo T23 instead of these. These were limited, now every 10 year old will have them

    • Patriot

      Jordans are for everyone. Who gives a shit if everyone can have a pair you selfish ear biting bitch rapist. Ali is the greatest.

    • adam nigger

      Your right man this re selling shit started this

  • Mike

    Do they still have dudes making bots? Do they really work just to get like one pair?

  • ChiRaqGoofies

    Don’t come to the chi with these because i’ll be pipes waiting

    • SQUIG

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    This is great news, I remember seeing these for the first time when they came out. Upset it was a mens only pack. Till one day I passed by my local Jimmy Jazz & the pack in a size 7M was sitting on display for $200 . Remember seeing them everyday since then till I got the money to actually get them & sadly they were gone

  • Cool Jets

    No point in releasing they gone fuck Tha quality up in make it durabuck or nubuck or some bs like that

    • J Rock

      Remastered 2015 …

      • Cool Jets

        That don’t mean shit cuz that remaster shit ain’t nothing but a scam just to rise the prices up all the remaster shoes all have the same quality (tumble leather) I feel like midnight 5s that come out will be harder with suede but instead they put that bs durabuck

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  • Jinn

    Wolf Greys over these!!!

  • Chris

    Another thought provoking addition to the sneaker community. Well done. By the way, you never responded to my reply to your last comment. Do you want me to cover your airfare or not?

    • Chris

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  • WHOA

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  • MJ

    Jordan is a GOD

    • SOME1

      No he is not.

  • KicknStand

    can michael jackson do the moon walk frontwards?

  • Irapuato-916

    Why so early??? Just 5 years past too too soon, hope it’s not true just like the jordan 3 black 88 cement

    • J Rock

      True blues dropped within a Two year span. Olympics and FTLOTG 7s dropped in a 2 year span. Bred 11s dropped in a 4 year span. Hell 01 Columbias dropped in a 5 year span. This is nothing new with JB

  • J Rock

    JB wants all my money man!! And they gone get it is the sad part smh.

  • 510kidd

    Thank u God. Been waiting for these to drop solo. Cause resale on these are just disrespectful

  • NU20

    My pants = super moist

  • ChiRaqGoofies

    About to catch a body when dese release #GANGGANG #OTF

  • 916-Cali

    All y’all that don’t got em happy they MIGHT release, not the people that have em

  • vladimir grey

    can’t wait!!! hope its true! gotta have these

    • Patriot

      There’s sanctions on Russia. Sorry you win be getting these you Putin lovin’ communist.

      • vladimir grey

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  • The list for 2015 keeps getting crazier…

    • sneaky

      Facts yo

    • PumpKing

      Might have to invest in your bot my nigga, does it work for small amounts like say 3 pair?

  • NYD

    Raging Bull > Holiday Retro 11 2015 Release

  • glenn

    If I don’t get these I’m copping the Reps

    • Patriot

      Fuck you. Ya fake Jordan wearing mutha fucka.

  • machinegun

    I need 3 pairs… missed out on them before… 1 to rock, 1 to stock, and 1 more to rock

  • MidnightGraham

    These and the white/metallic look perfect (in-hand quality is another story).

  • raging head

    OH FAQ! I’m coming out of retirement for this one boys

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  • Ty

    This year is already better than last year by a landslide Idc idc idc …

    • Guest

      year of the 6 was weak ass hell. Passed on a lot of releases this year. smh

    • Flamyboyant

      Really? Ur joking(April supa fool) Crazy! Chamagne 6,Cigar 6 ,Columbia 11,History of Jordan 6,Wolf grey 3,Ferrari 14,Grey toe 13’s,Black toe 14’s,Black/Infared 6’s,Slam dunk 6’s,Thunder 14’s,Carmine 6’s,and last but not least The 3Lab5…Ugh? Last yr murdered the shoe game-Buy a knife & cut the bull-shit!!!!!!!!!!Im dying in laughter:-)

      • StickyMafioso

        Yup! 2014 Jays were waaaaay better than this year’s line up. Only ones I’m waiting for are these raging bulls… everything else to me would just be beaters

        • Flamboyant

          Yes sir,Yes sir! No doubt

  • Yahya Hussein

    My senses tell me they’re not going to look like the originals

    • randle

      nah probably not but they might be a remastered pair therefore having them look just like the OGs

      • joey

        That remaster shit is just a gimmick I guarantee!!!

      • OG_KiCKS_NJ

        There really isn’t nothing to remaster on these. The release had crazy good material. Well except the suede discoloring from wear after a while but I’m pretty sure that from wearing in rain & exposing to heat. Maybe that’s what they’re aiming to fix ? Plus the icy blue soles

    • Patriot

      Get over it and buy shoes at Walmart then you terrorist. Quit bitchin’ over every minor detail.

      • Yahya Hussein

        Terrorist jokes are played out. Try again

        • Patriot

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  • Justin Jones

    With JB bringin all this heat its damn near impossible to stay away from them….

  • bonez

    I just got a semi…. yeah these needa come back

  • KingWhat

    Hypebeast City! I’m not copping just cause either JB gonna do some fuckshit and keep them the same, or make them worst.

  • Mr.Malicious >:)

    Wow and I recently spent a pretty penny on a pair of these DS in 11.5 lol. Still gonna cop these though if they really are gonna release…

    • dlangejr

      Yeah i just spent a pretty penny on these too bro!!! I’m super bummed they’re gonna re-release!

  • lol the theme of ass

  • Eric Smith

    This is such a beautiful shoe – I missed them back at the ’09 release in the pack (and still kicking myself for not collecting shoes yet back then…the 5 is my favorite pair :/)